Like new birth
Separation from the abstract
An anxiety washes over me
Another century has passed me by sweat dripping, feverish
Gravity binds
So different from what I envisioned
But we’ve grown and molded
Impulsive, yet fluently
Conversation dilutes
Your mind wanders easily
Catch your balance
Fever dreams
With each systematic fatigue and failure
We acknowledge the certain collapse
Bodies limp and fractured
Minds rotted of all integrity
Unable to pull away from this fracture
Metaphors in forged knowledge
Drown us in the future
Hour by hour
Eyes aim to create greater lengths
To maintain preservation
Chemically inclined
To face the descent
Anxiety washes over
But I no longer belong to anything
And the clouds fall from the sky
Struggling to escape the confusion
The weight of your thoughts
Has been pulling me underneath of a crawling tide
But now I’ll catch my breath
Day after day
It echoes consistently
And it’s almost as if a part of you is honing its excess within me
Are you a man of the future?
Or are you simply lost in your own self-separation?
This place has been poisoned by the arrogance of a modern kind
I pray for elevation

Album: The Infinite Nothing

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