The consistent patterns begin to blend
A sunken vision, solemnly setting in
When, once before we had aligned
Calculations have led to nowhere
Living in slow motion
The ever-expanding human dissociates
To redesign
To return to the center
Holding on too tightly to a moment in time
But I cannot perceive it
Nostalgia won’t work to remain
I have silenced the internal sounds
To focus only on existence
These regurgitated rationalizations
Lending to my utter insanity
One more breath
The persistent patterns begin to blend
Sunken sight, solemnly setting in
When once before, we had aligned
Our prediction have led to nothing
What were the thoughts that had kept you whole
And focused only on existing?
These regurgitations
Lending to my utter insanity
One more breath
Focus shifts, and the colors bleed between us
Cyclical process
Existing between the lines of over-saturation
One more breath
Pasts collide and birth a new collision
To pull from the mistakes
Forward progressions
Infinite, endless
Back to the source
To recharge and flow again

Album: The Infinite Nothing

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