Full sets of decaying teeth
Skin, sunken and thin
Dying like an art
Navigating so carefully
The sun becomes the sign of a solemn separation
Endless sleep
I’ve closed my eyes once before, to wake up immersed in color
The days exist one with night
Infinite nothing
It will all mean nothing
In the light of the future
I have no more words, no doubts, no fears
Giving up every last hope
To return to the center
Auditory hallucinations
Grinding these nail beds to the core
Eternal perpetuation of a living dream, the days bleed
Existing one with night
Inhaling the celestial air
Empires of neglect chip away at my motion
And lend to an inherent lack of association
Discord, error, doubt, despair
Eternal perpetuation
In the light of the future
We will all become nothing
The eyes that have failed to perceive
Aside from the solitary “I”
Become those eternally posed in the vices of error
Sinking and eaten alive
Into the infinite nothing

Album: The Infinite Nothing

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