I see the blood moon, rising in the sky again
Yearning for the Serpent’s knowledge, I call upon the demons in this rite
Samuel come unto me! With thy dark wings I will ascend
My soul inhumane eternally purified by thy infinite fire!

Forever devoted to darkness
I shed my blood in the silver chalice
For chaos will break my chains
When the legion speaks to me their secrets

He who burns within, with lightless flames
He who brings me black salvation, with thousands of names
She who fills my heart with putrid hate
She who grants me the enteral flame of faith

This is the dawn of infinite fire
Ignited within
I am the essence of infinite power
A child of the Devil

This is the dawn of the infinite fire
A shining without light
I am the bearer of infinite wisdom
A daughter of Lucifer!

Album: Dawn Of Infinite Fire

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