Death imposing anguish
Suicide grows in silence
A never ending desire
Making a deal with death
Feelings devour my insides
Hope to find relief
About to cross the border
Fighting with your own brain

Until the very end
Until the very end

Trying to end your life
Battling suicidal thoughts
On the brink of a fatal decision
Feeling out of control

Dwelling in the darkness
Groping in the tunnel

Until the very end
Until the very end

Choose the method
Embrace the pain
Memories flash by
Bad thoughts coming first

Somebody help me get out of this place
And give me strength to start all again
One more time (One more time)

You won’t be gone too soon
You can live through this
And go ahead

Until the very end
You have to go
Until the very end
Yeah, until the very end
Come on
Until the very end

Survive beyond

Album: Perpetual Chaos

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