Arise, Belial!
Break my chains, feast from my veins
Bless this church with my blood
Under death’s banner

Arise, Leviathan!
Great serpent infinite
Curse me with thy thunderstorms
The fire of the devil

Power eternally!
Under the light of the crimson moon
Lucifer! Speak to me!
Guide me on my path, pitch black

Arise Lilith!
Fiery one of destruction
Make me be thy burning hand
To extinguish the weak

Arise Ahriman!
Lord of the dark earth
Make me be thy hammer
Smashing with deep hatred

I feel thy power run through me
With thy unholy forces I unite
As they crawl from the circle, broken
I drink the putrid blood of the dead

I sense thy presence in my heart
As a womb breeding black hatred
For the devil will heal my scars
And reward me in eternity

Album: Dawn Of Infinite Fire

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