Miniscule. Micro
Insignificant. Minor

Why do you underestimate me?
Have you heard The Prophecy?

Subordinated. Wretched
Mediocre. Inferior

Why do you neglect me?
Don’t you know about The Prophecy?

Excessive use of power
Initiates abuse.
Misconception of the essence!

Insulted egos once inflamed
Turn superheroes into the damned
Take your pride and go away!
Take your pride and evaporate!

Persistent scourge is your second name
Vital threat to all the inhabitants

My decision is to reintroduce you to the world!

Voracious ape! Mr. Know-it-all!
I reclaim my kingdom. Hope your Sun is gone!
I reclaim my kingdom
Hope your Sun will never rise again!

Hear me, ogre! Concentrate!
Humble yourself down
Until it’s too late!
The law of balance can’t be revoked
When the Earth is overwhelmed with you
It will shake you off

I reclaim my kingdom
Cause your Sun will never rise
I reclaim my kingdom

Album: Macro

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