Кто тебя выхаживал
Грусть любовью скрашивал?
Позднею весной порастет травой
Тот, кто тебя нёс над головой
Тот, кто тебя нёс над головой

Slip up and fall straight into the arms of my mother
Break down and go right into the healing hands of my father

It’s been a while since I came home
My heart is elsewhere as I roam and roam
Until I find myself alone
Childhood of misery is lifelong injury
No, it’s not for me. What I’ve always had
Father’s love and mother’s hand

Nobody has ever seen a bird crawl back to its eggshell
Followed by the bygone scenes
It makes me wanna get through them again!

I retrace my steps
To fall back into my nest
In a minute eyes are closed
Just to feel where I’m supposed to be

Is that what they call homesick?
Am I chasing the past?
Does my mind play insidious tricks?
Cuz the present moves too fast

Straight into the arms
Straight into the arms
(Кто тебя выхаживал?)
Straight into the arms
(Грусть любовью скрашивал?)
Straight into the arms
Falling back into my nest

Album: Macro

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