Born again from the blackest sun
Circling, dissecting correlations
Only trying to remain human
Neurons and nerve endings
Severing mind from body
Engineered for life
We were alive and thriving
Framework, forward intellect
Biological defeat
Solipsistic dream
Perpetuating nonexistence
We are the machine
The flesh, the faculty fails
All that we were, now lost forever
The consistence of this reality
Becomes intertwined and inherent
To progress
Is to face all, undeniably alone
Let them isolate
Let them realign and collapse
Distance draws nearer
We inhabit the design
What was once a living, breathing, moving organism
Animated and expanding
Has reduced to nothing
Systematic failure
Fragments of the collision remain
As neurons turn against me
And begin to eat away from the inside
Humanistic influence takes control
And deteriorates

Album: The Infinite Nothing

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