From the ridge the most graceful shine
Exiled to the grim formless Depth
Rash to the tiny
Raining soot and black feathers
Leaves a dead trail
To the fire and void of the desecrated
Gave birth to hell

In the pitch the infinity plummets
Only thy vest impregnated its visible
From the scarlet that slag

Beautiful envied
Portrait of disgrace
House of parasites
Drowning in decay

Beautiful of disgrace
Parasites in decay

Buzzing echoes
Through the abyssal void
Handsome and putrid
He arrived
The lord of flies

Eternal company of insects
The hot air and rot feed thy disgust
For the one who blessed thee
Purified thru the fire and rage
As you transform thy new house
On the vengeance empire

Album: Matriarch

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