Splendorous crescent Moon impales
The night with the break of dawn
Echoes the pain of its first breath
Giving color to the pale

They came to intertwine with threads of fate
Those who come to life ooo

Gushing the storm of existence
Over the root of a dead ground
Drawing a dream of a future on a leaf
Of the past on a foreseen decay

Gudinner av lykke

They are coming being what they once were
Like the synchrony of the movement of sand
Sliding through the fingers
Through the fingers

The fair hourglass of blood

Oh mothers of a profane nature
Pour over me thy glairy heresy
And the knowledge of thy strength
Quench the stars in a void of darkness

Turn me into flames
Of the apocalypse
Make me complete
For I am chaos

Gudinner av lykke

Album: Matriarch

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