I want to be consumed
By the infinite fire
I want to be devoured
By Lucifer’s son

I want to feel the hammer
Of the Antichrist incarnate
I want to be the altar
Of the servant of Satan

My skin bitten, slashed and whipped
In the name of cruel devotion
My eyes covered by the cloth
Soaked in tears and stained with blood

My legs spread around the triangle
Of the trinity unclean
My flesh made into a vessel
Of great powers yet unseen

My mouth open for blasphemies
Given by Samael’s represent
My arms chained in cold steel
By this black circle’s reverend

I want to feel the heat of many demons
In this clandestine church of the devil
I want to be the cherished whore of his legions
That force their lusts upon me in the name of evil

Album: Dawn Of Infinite Fire

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